1 User, 3 Operating Systems

This page chronicles my experiment on whether the operating system (OS) matters anymore. There was a time when you organized your computing around a single OS. You had a stack of applications and data that were centered in Microsoft or Apple…not both. Of course, most people only had one computing device. Mobile devices changed this dramatically.

The iPhone, iPad and more recently Android devices have proven very capable computing devices that complement the PC instead of replacing it. This presented a new challenge. Android didn’t have a PC equivalent and most people were using Microsoft on the PC which didn’t have a tablet nor a popular smartphone. This introduced a forced multi-OS environment. Fortunately, cloud computing and the app ecosystem emerged to enable cross OS platform computing. Read on below to see my perspective on using a Windows PC, iPad and Android based smartphone.

Chapter 1: Does the OS Matter Anymore

Chapter 2: Do we need 3 Devices in the Mobile Era

Chapter 3: Pothole on the 3 OS Road